A Mediterranean Diet for Healthier Hearts

While cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, researchers published in The New England Journal of Medicine that 30% of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease are preventable with a Mediterranean influenced diet.

By limiting red and processed meat, high-fat dairy products and unhealthy desserts, you can lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases. In support of National Heart Awareness Month and your own heart, try out this Mediterranean recipe this February!

University Post-Acute Celebrates American Heart Month

February is a wonderful month full of love, the color red, and American Heart Month! 

At University Post-Acute in Sacramento, we encourage you to take charge of you and your loved ones’ health. This February, ask your doctor what you can do to help your heart.

Health & Fitness Tips from University Post-Acute Rehab

At University Post-Acute, we highly encourage you and your loved ones to celebrate health and fitness every day. We wish you the best in creating a healthier, happier you and hope you find these three tips useful!

University Post-Acute Rehab Visits Local Sacramento Fire Station

University Post-Acute Rehab Thanks Local Fire Department with Coffee and Doughnuts 

4 simple things missing from your fitness routine

It’s good advice. The advantages of leading a healthy and active lifestyle have been well-researched. But after investing in the cute exercise clothes, and selecting the ideal activity, what happens when the preparation for a daily fitness routine proved more interesting than the routine itself? Something is missing from your workout. Could it be one of these?

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